(This is different from my light/positive articles. But it's ok, not everybody is happy at all times)
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There are times where everything is ok, as smooth as a pillow. But there were also a time when everything is prickle, it slightly torns my heart. Should I called this depression or just sad? I feel as if there is no light in my galaxy, just a blackhole, lost in the sea of darkness. I can't tell anyone how I feel, I feel like no one would want to listen to my nonsense dilemma.

I know this feeling is temporary, but why do I cry every night? why I can't sleep properly at night? My heart aches, not because of someone, but it was all me. Me who suffers from my minor anxiety. I'm broken at times, I can't help it. Maybe I'm depressed because of too much stress and sh!t that's been happening with my life. I'm still young but not too young to think this way. I should be happy and enjoy life at my age, but life doesn't go that way.

My tiny heart is broken. It will heal someday, but maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, the next few days. But It will not last eternity. I can be happy & laugh at times, it's just that sadness creeps inside of me every now and then. Well in the back of my mind, I wish I could be as bright as sun that's about to shine again, so I wouldn't feel this way.

Well technically there are 3 things that prevents me to be this way, that I hope it can also help other people who feels the same way like me.


  • I know this is very common, but like they say if words fail, music speaks. Music can also heals a broken heart, depression and anything related to that. It calms me when I feel like dying inside. It cures me when I cry or just plain sad. I also listen to music when I'm happy and content. Just pick the right playlist based on your mood. I also gather and collect music and then create a playlist based on my mood.

Watch a movie or drama series

  • I love watching movies and asian dramas. It helps me relieve from my daily stressful life. My recommeded movies are Lady Bird (2017) and Submarine (2010).


  • writing is the best way to release your heavy feelings inside of you. This is kind of the greatest thing whatever you are feeling down or out. Just write everything out, no filters attaches (if you know what I mean), just write everything what your mind says. It does helps me lessen my sadness.


Just know that It's ok to be not ok, we are not perfect, we are all okay to be a mess and be distress at times. And this tiny heart of mine maybe broken or maybe depress or just sad, but like I said this is just a temporary feeling for me, and sh!t happens all the time. I can be happy and bright as a sun again.

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P.S sorry for my mess up and slight irrelevant thoughts when writing this, I wasn't in a clear state of mind, I just write everything what I'm thinking or feeling