Day 7 - A letter to someone

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~ To my beloved niece ~

Dear Leiah,

At the time of writing this you have been in my life for about six months, and during these months you have brought me more love and joy than I thought was possible.

Everyone who knows me know that I don't like kids. In fact I hate them... But then you came and everything was so different! I never thought that I was capable of loving someone this much, especially not a child (and as I said, anyone who knows me would agree). So for me to be able to love you like I do is so special. I've never shared such a bond with anyone before.

My precious girl, you are my absolute world. My life will forever be dedicated to protecting you, being there for you and loving you no matter what. I will fight for you and be your guardian angel, and do everything in my power to make you happy. Aunt Lina will ALWAYS have your back!

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Being your aunt and godmother is a privilege beyond my biggest dreams, and watching you grow up will be one of the greatest adventures of my life. I look so much forward to our excursions, adventures and laughter.

I love you baby girl. Probably more than you, or anyone else, will ever understand. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life.


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