people talk
not knowing what about,
they'll say anything
as long as it can get around.

Image by Amrita Jheeta

people talk
but don't listen
to anything
that doesn't interest them.

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people talk
about you,
did you know
what all these people think of you?

broken, girl, and sad image

people talk
and you'll be told about it
uncertainty a whirlpool,
clarity a gunshot.

sad, quotes, and alone image

people talk
and you don't want to listen
but you do and do and do and do
to ugly, broken words.

Mature image

you won't talk
because if you did
people talk and twist those words
into unrecognisable shapes.

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i've been dealing with stupid people saying stupid things recently,
this is a sort of commentary on how i feel gossip goes around
i'm not very good at poetry but i mean you can call anything a poem as long as u separate sentences in a weird way.
if anyone else has been going through shit like this with rumours n all that hold your damn head high and own the hell out of the fact that you know that truth.
it's not fair that they don't believe you but that's life and your feelings toward yourself are a million times more valuable and important than ignorant people's opinions.
stay cute.

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