First of al it's my first 'article' maybe my English isn't always as good as I want but that doesn't matter to me.

Second I found this article on WHI and I wanted to do something with it so here is a link to the article: .

and as the third I am going to post an answer on each question for 30 days.

So here it goes. The first question was 1.List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I really love socks (those weird not matching pairs, really colourfull)
2. I want to be always happy even on days when I am feeling sad.
3. I am 18 years old and living in Belgium
4. I always wanted to go to the US
5. I am studying Audiology at Artevelde hogeschool Gent
6. I love my friends
7. I am a chef (I really studied this at school)
8. Making this list is harder than it looks like
9. I never had a boyfriend (so my friends set my on tinder)
10. I am addicted to Pinterest (and probably also to WHI soon)
11. my favorite colour is Yellow (it reminds me of the sun)
12. I really love tea
13. I haven't drank a fizzy drink in like 3,5years (is fizzy drink even a word #googletranslate)
14. I really love pasta
15. I stil sleep with my teddybear
16. I really love acting weird
17. I wear glasses
18. I love reading and photography
19. I play guitar
20. I play tabletennis

So this was my list, it was really hard, but i made it. Maybe some will read this or not, it doesn't matter to me anyways. I will probably laugh about this in like 5 years or so.