Who is he ? Kim Namjoon. Yes, him. He is the love of my life (and I'm not even exaggerating). At first I wasn't into him at all. I was into V and Jimin, everyone expect him (and now I'm ashamed for that, really). And then, I don't know what happend, but I was watching some videos of them (BTS you know), and then something passed under my eyes. It was Namjoon. I don't remember what he was doing (surely doing sh*t, or dancing), but Something lighted up Inside my head. And then I sought a lot of informations about him and started to get into him, like really into him. Anyways, the list of why everyone should love him it's too long, so, just remember that he is clever, handsome, a boyfriend material and he is everything. And I think that everyone should love him as I love him.

•Let me introduce the Man please•

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♡Why I Love Him

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First of all: His sexy brain
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Second of all: Those things he does when he laughs
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Third reason: His smile and his dimples
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Fourth reason: His sense of fashion
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Fifth reason: "Dance Monster"
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Sixth reason: He is sexy
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Seventh reason: He is boyfriend material
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Heighth reason: His funny faces
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Nineth reason: aesthetic

Tenth reason: His musical tastes #RMusic (I can't have pictures for this I think)

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Eleventh reason: Namjin (They are so cute, I had to put them in this)
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Twelfth reason: Him

One day I asked my mom "can we fall in love with someone we don't know (personally)?". She said "no", but in my head I was like "Yes we can mom, 'cause I am". Her argument was "We can't fall in love with someone we never talk to. Because you don't know how is this person in the real life. Even if she is a celebrity and she is filmed 24/7, because celebrities know how to hide the truth." After that I sought "signs we're in love" on The Internet, and all the articles I read were describing what I'm actually living. So, I tried to relativize, we are 9 years apart, I can't be with, I will never be with him, this is impossible, he doesn't even know (Life is a b*tch), I have to put this in my mind, and him out of my mind. But anyway, feelings are strong, I still love Namjoon (I swear I tried). All I can do is wish him the best.
Another day, one of my classmate said that when I will be married I would not be happy because I would not be married to a kpop idol. It may be true, but logically if I don't love the man with whom I am, I will not marry him, I will not even hang out with him. So I would not be with him (if I don't hang out with him, logic). As well stay single, instead of being with someone you don't like. Y'all should be with someone who likes you for who you are and who you like for who he/she is. Y'all deserve it.

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This article is now finished. Remember what Namjoon said: "Love myself, Love yourself." (or just try) et Vive la France !

PS: I'm French so if my sentences don't make any sense...I don't care.


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