I found thing really intriguing. My name is really complicated since I'm from Spain.. My name it Quirinita but my friends call me Kiri or KK It's easier when I'm in America. Anyways here it is hope you enjoy

Q: Quartz

necklace, crystal, and jewelry image crystal, grunge, and pale image black, crystal, and necklace image crown, crystal, and Queen image

U: Ultramarine

blue, wallpaper, and background image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image blue, hands, and dark image blue, grunge, and dark image

I: Indigo

earth, man, and nature image blue, liquid, and navy image blue, station, and train image blue and silk image

R: Red

red image red, rose, and aesthetic image red, angel, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and sexy image

I: Ivory

architecture, travel, and church image nike image theme, rp, and fruit image aesthetic, room, and tumblr image

N: Navy Blue

blue, navy blue, and dark image blue, theme, and aesthetic image stars, moon, and sky image blue, Swan, and animal image

I: Imperial

purple, art, and aesthetic image umbrella, blue, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cry, sad, and room image

T: Teal

blue and grunge image blue, teal, and aesthetic image blue and teal image green, lake, and nature image

A: Ash Grey

pale, aesthetic, and white image tumblr image aesthetic, beautiful, and grey image grunge image