sitting in front of a fire on a cold day.

laughing with friends till you can't breath.

a confident feeling.

bonding with siblings.

getting a grade grade on something you really worked for.

a kitten/puppy falling asleep on your stomach.

ordering a pizza after a long day.

taking a cold shower on a hot day.

taking a hot shower on a cold day.

when you get complimented, or you compliment someone.

the last bell of the last school day of the year.

spending money you've earned.

the smell of freshly cut grass.

when your crush smiles at you.

getting everything you needed to get done early in the day.

hot cocoa in Winter.

wearing a new shirt for the first time.

childhood memories.

when a package comes in the mail.

giving a gift.

that one song that you always tap your foot to.