today i'm going to be sharing my favorite bath & body works products. i did an article similar to this one, except for lush products. you can check it out here:


1. comfort pillow mist

comfort is my favorite scent of all time. it is vanilla and patchouli, and it's apart of the aromatherapy collection. it's supposed to be pillow mist, but i literally spray it all over my room and bed before i go to sleep. it's $13.50 and it comes with 5.3 fl (156 mL).

2. flannel 3-wick candle

flannel is a seasonal candle, but out of all of the Christmas candles i've smelled, it's my favorite. it smells like the woods and cologne and it's an amazing combination. it's $24.50 and it comes with 14.5 fl (411 g).

3. sleep body cream

this is another product in the aromatherapy collection. it has lavender and cedarwood scents in it. i use this after the shower and i love the smell. it's $15.50 with 8 oz (226 g) of product.

4. amber & argan sugar scrub

this is another one of my favorite scents from bath and body works. it makes my legs feel so smooth after i use it. it's $16.50 and it comes with 8 oz (226 g).

5. stress relief pocketbac sanitizer

i love this smell so much. it has eucalyptus and spearmint in it, making it smell minty and fresh. it's 6$ for 5 and it comes with 1 fl (29 mL).


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