before we start: This is who I am, this is my opinion, respect it as I'm respecting yours.

My religious opinion brings to me many diverse questions such as: do you see yourself superior to others? Do you see yourself as “right”? What did make you an atheist?

Here i am, trying to convince you of my point of view like every other human: trying to fit in a closed minded society stuck in the past, unwilling to move on, that sees itself as a chosen population, as the “best”. that’s racist and envious. Regardless of the truth, they have discovered, the scientific answers provided that their ancestors couldn’t understand, they chose to deny their capacities for only one simple reason: benefits. They might also want to avoid loneliness that’s why humans created that idea:”a superior leader that guides and love them who was a source of hope (that they didn’t have).

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They feared death, rejection, and equality but a lie was enough to comfort and empower then. Nowadays with the help of everything we’ve learned changed and discovered for the better, we should focus on ourselves, by that I mean the main person we have to believe in: Us.

I consider human beings powerful and capable of many things, only if they believe in themselves and find their purpose in life. Each one has to be his own religion .they are their own god. my belief is myself: I focus on myself, I am my own priority because that’s true love, the one you claim your God feels for you. If that makes me selfish, so be it . At least That ideology brings love and positivity to me as well as my environment.

Self-confidence and self-love are enough for everyone to live peacefully and happily, so no need for a fictional imaginary person to love them just to make them feel loved.

think about it, when you love yourself, you also love and support others simply because of the lack of negativity you have in your life.

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Furthermore, you minimize racism which religion is its main cause. ISIS , the KKK, and many other terrorist organizations take action in the name of religion. Countries, cultures and ethnicities are all characterized by religion, the source of difference that separates humans.

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Difference is the key to inequality in the world, wars have been declared, parties have been created, slavery has been legalized because of it.
To me, religion is a poisonous waste of time, a factor that contributes to hate, racism, war, and corruption...

in my opinion, you should think about it, are you religious because you want to? Or you have religious because society obliges you to be to not be excluded?

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You’re your own kind of beauty and inspiration because you’re unique, don’t let society’s rules change you.

as an atheist, I’m living peacefully and maybe better than religious people: I have my own purpose in life.

Thank you for your time! this was my 2nd article i hope you like it.
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