hello, and welcome back to another article by me in today's article I'll share with you all my tips and tricks to getting a flawless skin, so let's get started

(note: everyone's skin type/genes are different! this may not work 100% for everyone but this is what I do to maintain healthy skin!)

- stay hydrated. this is probably the most important one! not only does staying hydrated make you feel better and improve your health drastically, over time, your skin will feel more plump and smooth due to the boost in elasticity from the internal hydration.

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- exfoliate! 2 -3 times a week!! this is also super important! exfoliating takes away Dead and dry skin cells, leaving the fresh and new layer of skin beneath! your skin will be glowy and clear while unclogging your pores and reducing chances of acne as well

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- moisturize ! a huge step that shouldn’t be missed. moisturizing will replenish your skin with needed nutrients and hydration. remember to use a moisturizer based on your skin type!

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- use a gentle face wash. use one that isn’t filled w harsh chemicals that can dry out your fragile skin or cause irritation. remember that your facial skin is thin and needs to be handled gently!

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- change out your pillowcase once a week! pillowcases can trap all kinds of nasties like dirt and oil. this causes acne and clogged pores! this will also reduce the excess oil on your scalp!

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- use face masks. these can remedy a slurry of issues such as redness and puffiness. use one up to three times a week !!

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so that all for today I hope you enjoyed until next time.

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