HELLO MY DARLINGS!!! I MISSED YOU!!! How's it going? I know i wasn't very active last week, but I'm here now. I decided to write a Part 2 and share with you the amazing tv shows I've recently been watching. Hope you are having a lovely day, it's good to be back! Now, without any further ado, let's start:

☆ Grace & Frankie ☆
▪Seasons: Until now 4.
▪Episodes: 13 each season.
▪Genre: Tv Dramedies.

series, netflix, and grace and frankie image grace and frankie image
I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW! It's hilarious, but at the same time real and lovely! If you want to spend your free time laughing and having a good time, give this one a chance!

☆ Bates Motel ☆
▪Seasons: 5.
▪Episodes: 50.
▪Genre: Tv Mysteries.

norman bates, bates motel, and freddie highmore image bates motel, max thieriot, and vera farmiga image california, vacancy, and universal studios image bates motel, gif, and norma image
If you enjoy 'Thriller' or 'Suspenseful' shows, this one is for you! Some people think it's kind of cringy (Included me at first.) but I found the story so interesting that I couldn't stop watching it!

☆ Riverdale ☆
▪Seasons: For now 2.
▪Episodes: 26.
▪Genre: Tv Dramas/ Tv Mysteries.

riverdale, pop, and vintage image riverdale, kj apa, and cole sprouse image
At first, I wasn't sure I would like this (cause it reminded me of Pretty Little Liars..) but I gave it a chance AND I LOVED IT! It has everything from drama, romance mystery, to unexpected plot-twists and relatable characters!

☆ Cable Girls ☆
▪Seasons: For now 2.
▪Episodes: 16.
▪Genre: Tv Dramas.

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Another show I ADORED! IT'S SO WELL DONE AND COMPLETE! If you like the 20's drama, romance, friendship, social issues, then don't wait another minute!

☆ Awkward ☆
▪Seasons: 5.
▪Episodes: 89.
▪Genre: Tv Teen Dramedies.

matty, awkward, and mtv image awkward, 😍, and jenna image
I used to watch this almost every day after school. Don't know what to say about it, the title explains everything! You won't be disappointed! :P

☆ Grandfathered ☆
▪Seasons: 1 :(
▪Episodes: 22.
▪Genre: Tv Comedies.

comedy, tv show, and grandfathered image Image removed
So sad to know that FOX canceled this show. In my opinion, this truly deserved a second chance! I really enjoy how the story unfolds, is witty, funny, lovely! What else you want?

The end! Have you already watch any of these series before? As you can see, for me, a good show NEEDS to have drama, mystery, romance but also quirky hilarious moments! Thanks for reading this, see you in my next article, don't forget how amazing you are! :D

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- Your internet friend, Miranda. ♡