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Go Won reaally reminds me of Chuu's charisma. Go Won is very sweet whan she is smiling, but when she looks you with that face (from the picture above) makes you really feel that she is indeed part of LOOΠΔ.

kpop, loona, and go won image
The eleventh member Go Won appears where Yves and Chuu have met after denying the Garden of Eden.
- loonatheworld, official YouTube channel of LOOΠΔ
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✨Quick Facts

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Birth name: Park Chae Won (박채원)
Birth date: November 19, 2000 (17)
Birth place: Incheon, South Korea
Agency: BlockBerryCreative

note: this information is unconfirmed

✨Teaser images:

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Each member of the group has a color of their own and Go Won's color is Eden Green (officially), Mint Green (Color Signature):

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Every member has also a corresponding animal and Go Won's one is a butterfly:

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✨Music release:

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✨The story for Go Won:

Go Won’s titled track ‘One&Only’ is about self-love.
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Even when it feels like the existence of oneself seems irrelevant in the world and may feel very little among others, Go Won sings, “it’s not a coincidence that I’ve met myself” and emphasizes how she met herself, ‘one and only’, is precious.
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‘See Saw’ the supporting track which is a duet of Chuu and Go Won. Chuu’s refreshing voice along with Go Won’s adolescent voice create the dynamic balance like riding a see-saw.
- loonatheworld, official YouTube channel of LOOΠΔ


✨Album Photoshoot:

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gif, loona, and gowon image

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