Hi there!
So I've seen quite a few articles about #GetToKnowMeChallenge and I've decided to give it a try. Also, since I've been a member for a long time (maybe since 2008 or 2009) and I want fellow members/followers to get to know me. I'm quite shy at first but I love making new friends. Feel free to ask questions or send a message. Here goes nothing :)

1. Name - Maria, but i prefer to go by Marii
2. Age - 23 going on to 24
3. Birthday - July 16
4. Crush - every kpop (male) idol
5. Ever fall in love - yes
6. Favorite food - enchiladas
7. Eye Color - brown
8. Addiction - music
9. Fovorite song - at the moment it's 'Flower' by JBJ
10. Favorite animal - cats and dogs
11. Favorite color - black and pink
12. Sing in the shower - yes!
13. One wish - to meet every kpop idol that i love
14. Best time in your life - when i met PTV in person
15. Country you live in - USA
16. Pets - one cat and one dog
17. First kiss - i believe freshman year of hs
18. Miss anyone - kind of
19. Plan on getting married - yes
20. Who you love - at the moment no one
21. Hair color - brown
22. Relationship Status - single
23. Last song you heard - DDD by EXID
24. Biggest fear - snakes
25. Believe in ghosts - kind of
26. Something you hate - snakes
27. Favorite show - Stranger Things and Bob's Burgers
28. Favorite movie - i don't think i have one
29. Favorite book - don't really have one
30. Jealous of - no one
31. Star sign - cancer
32. Worst habbit - bitting my nails when i'm anxious
33. Number of siblings - 3
34. Sports you play - none
35. Talents - none unless good memory is one
36. Embarassing moment - i don't think i have one
37. Future career choice - hmm i would love to go into the music industry (not singing since i don't have a good voice) but even if it's helping during tours etc.
38. Do you have any tattoos - yes, I have one the play, pause, forward, backward, repeat buttons (of course having to do with music)
39. Have you ever dyed your hair - yes, I've dyed it purple once and I've been wanting to dye it again

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this wasn't bad. Have an awesome day!!