Hi guys.
I'm so excited about today because after yesterday FAIL, I think now I'm gonna get back on, LMAO.


Which was the harder in this was to think who inspires me. Finally, I decided.

louis tomlinson, one direction, and niall horan image louis tomlinson and one direction image
Louis Tomlinson.

It's hard to explain why I admire him so much, because I don't even know why, I just love his smile too much and everytime I see him I feel capable to do the things I want to, like writing something or singing. His voice makes gives me goosebumps.

His high notes, his laugh, the fact that he exists.

His eyes are like whole galaxies, I feel like hugging him everytime I see him and I like to think in a hundred metaphores to try to explain my love for him. Because, I like writing and he just gives me the strengh to do it, even when I don't have it. So he inspires me, to do things I love. And I love him, don't forget that.


Lot's of love, Cat.