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Today I'm gonna talk about some cities you must visit again (part 2)
Yeah, I'm surprised of myself,too...i mean, i found some free time to write 2 articles in 2 days, but the truth is that tomorrow I have a science test at school and I just got bored studying. I'm sure you girls can understand
ps. Wish me good luck!
So, same stuff of article number 1: I've visited some of these cities, so you should believe me when I say that these are some of the most beautiful cities in the world

  • San Francisco, California
love, city, and california image food, dessert, and donuts image california, places, and san francisco image sky, summer, and palms image
One of the most beautiful city of California everyone
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
travel image amazing, architecture, and beautiful image buildings, city, and color image copenhagen, denmark, and mariamlatif image
Its house seem fake, don't they? They are so cute
  • Seoul , South Korea
city, photography, and seoul image korea, city, and south korea image city, light, and night image city, light, and toronto image
Great city, specially if you are a K-pop fan
  • Barcelona, Spain
white, architecture, and city image Barcelona, beautiful, and flowers image Barcelona, house, and spain image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Spain, un paìs maravilloso
  • Cebu city, Philippines
beach, paradise, and Philippines image cebu city image Philippines, Temple, and cebu city image resort image
I mean...look at this water *_*
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Image removed brazil, cristo redentor, and corcovado image place and rio de janeiro image brasil, brazil, and rio de janeiro image
Rio, praias, entretenimento e carnaval
  • Rome, Italy
travel, rome, and architecture image architecture and art image rome, travel, and italy image city, travel, and italy image
Ohh, bella italia. Every piece of italy is a piece of art and Rome is a masterpiece.
  • Oia, Greece Santorini island
beach, beauty, and celebrities image flowers, Greece, and house image Greece, sea, and blue image Greece, travel, and sunset image
I really have no words. Stunning sea
  • Lisbon, Portugal
city, lisbon, and places image city, travel, and lisbon image city, lisbon, and ocean image city, street, and travel image
The beautiful capital city of Portugal
  • Sydney, Australia
australia, city, and ocean image australia, Sydney, and beautiful image fireworks, Sydney, and australia image sea life sydney aquarium image
What an interesting city! Visit the aquarium too!
  • Florence,Italy
art, beautiful, and cathedral image ice cream, food, and delicious image florence, italia, and world image art, sculpture, and david image
And, obviously, we're back in Italy.Florence, in the center of the country,is the city where the gelato has been invented too.
  • Los Angeles, California
city, sky, and california image hollywood, california, and los angeles image hollywood, city, and grunge image sky, summer, and palm trees image
I think there's nothing to say, am I right?
  • Cape Town, South Africa
africa image cape town, sea, and south africa image africa, cape town, and city image background, dark sky, and beach image
A city full of sea-appeal...

Okay,girls, that's all, Thank you for reading,leave an heart if you liked it.
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