I love winter fashion, here is how I dressed this winter:

1. Leather gloves- leather gloves are soooo nice. I own a black pair and emerald green pair. They keep me warm and make me feel confident and secure with myself. I love taking them off finger by finger, I always feel like a rich lady from the movies.

2. Jeans- a good pair of jeans can work wonders! They go with everything and kept me warm. Jeans are good for casual and slightly nicer occasions- depending on how they're styled.

3. Turtleneck sweaters- I love turtlenecks, they're so aesthetic. They elevate any outfit. I've found that they make my neck look thinner. They keep me warm, which is important where I live.

4. Hunter boots- These boots are amazing for looking good while having to walk in the rain or snow. I love wearing the fun socks with them.

5. Snow boots- Again, super important where I live.

6. Sweat shirts/ hoodies- I love being comfortable and warm. These are so good for keeping warm.

7. Winter Coat- again, it's cold where I live.

I don't really keep a color scheme, I just wear what I like.