This is the second article in my newest series of writing about journals, diaries and planners. The last one was about yellow theme and you'll find it here:

For this article I've chosen green as it associates with freshly grown spring grass and first leaves. I miss warmth so much. I love the smell of spring air, when everything is waking back to life.

dandelion forest Superthumb Superthumb

Many people decide to use green colour for their spring-time spreads. If you're currently seeking for some inspiration, I hope this article will help you somehow - as I have found really beautiful green-themed bujos. Take a look by yourself:

green, bullet journal, and inspiration image
Superthumb Superthumb art Superthumb
school, pens, and study image
bullet Superthumb january Superthumb
planner and bullet journal image
Superthumb bullet journal journal
bujo, study inspiration, and bullet journal image
bullet, diary, and journal image
Superthumb art planner Superthumb

I hope you liked those bujos! In order to create greenish spreads, you may need some green supplies:

August, bujo, and tombow image
green world Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
green, pine tree, and green tree image
Superthumb Superthumb
blue, green, and minimal image
blue, green, and bullet image

Some green quotes may be useful:

quotes, amazing, and text image
comfort green breath green
mind, matter, and flowers image

Thank you for reading ♥ I hope you like this article ♥ If you'd like to check out my other articles about journalling or see my planner/journal/diary collection - I'll leave links below!