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What's up guys, I hope you all are good. Let's start this new month with positive affirmations and faith in all the wonderful things and blessings coming our way. March is going to be an amazing month for all of us. ♡ With that being said, let's get into the main topic for today.

Low self esteem is a thinking disorder that affects mostly teenagers in their transition from childhood to young adulthood. 7 in 10 girls have some kind of self esteem problem, causing eating disorders, self harming, depression, and in the worst cases suicide. 92% of teen girls say they want to change something about how they look, and 40% of teen boys say they want to change something about how they look.

Sadly low self esteem is something a lot of us have faced, or still facing to these days. And there are a lot of factors in our society that contribute to strengthen this disorder. Call it what you want "Beauty standard" "Perfect body weight and shape", and all that bullshit that made us think that if don't look like Victoria Secret's models, then we are not beautiful. But guess what, you are beautiful just the way you are.

And since I suffered from low self esteem, and I know how awful it is, I wanted to share with all of you 10 tips to deal with low self esteem, that helped me go through that hard time, and I hope them help you too if you are facing this problem.

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❁ 1. Avoid Comparison ❁

Our self esteem is usually drag down by all the comparisons that takes place inside our heads. But comparing yourself to someone else is pointless, because you will never be like them, and they will never be like you. You are unique! we all are. Those girls on magazines may be pretty, but they don't have what you have! That's your super power.

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❁ 2. Recognize negative thoughts, murder them if necessary ❁

Train your mind to recognize when negative thoughts want to take over the place. Every time that dark voice wants to tell you something about yourself that you know is not true, respond with positive affirmations. I always say this: For every negative thought I have, I will comeback it with three positive thoughts. Try it, and you'll see how those bad boys wouldn't come as often as they do ;)

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❁ 3. Keep a special journal with you ❁

Sometimes our thoughts can make us feel overwhelming, specially when they repeat over and over again. Imagine your thoughts as water, and your mind as a tank with a limited storage capacity of water. What is going to happen when you put more water than the tank can hold? Well it will exploit. That's exactly what happen to your brain when you overthink and overthink, and for that reason is not healthy to hold on your feelings inside you. So whenever you are feeling sad, angry, or anything, grab your journal and release all your feelings in there. When you are done, close it, and don't open it again. Trust me, you will feel so much better.

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❁ 4. Live in the present ❁

We often drag ourselves down for mistakes we did in the past. And sometimes because we don't know how we are going to make it in the future. Is like we live everywhere besides the present moment. We are too busy thinking "I could have done that better" or "I don't know how I'm going to do that, I'm gonna fail". But let me tell you something, the past is already gone! You can't change what you did, and that is what brings you to this point of your life, for better or for wrong. And future doesn't exist either. The best moment always is now.

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❁ 5. Stop judging yourself, and others ❁

You need to stop bringing yourself down. We all have things about ourselves that we would like to have it other way. But the best thing you can do is embrace all the things that makes you who you are. You need to free your mind from that negativity of criticizing things, try to see life from a positive lent. And please, stop judging others as well, don't you think that person is having enough war within him or her? As a person who dealed with low self esteem, I know for sure that when we don't feel okay with ourselves, we start to criticize those girls who do. But we need to stop putting each other down, and start to lift each others. Girls have to support girls.

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❁ 6. Create a compliment jar ❁

We create habits by repeating an action during some determined time. That's why, during an entire month write every single day something that you like about yourself and put it in this jar. It can be anything, like the form your face light up when you smile, or how good you are at drawing, or your voice when you sing. Anything! And by the end of the month, come back to the jar and read all the positive compliments your self from one month ago write about you. ♥

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❁ 7. Learn to let it all go ❁

Whether it is person, a bad experience, a thought, memories, resentment, hate. Learn to let them all go, even if it hurts, it will help you heal. Picture all those negative things that are keeping you from being happy, picture them individually if you can. Picture now a garbage bag, and put them all in there. It's heavy, right? Well, that's what you've been caring on your shoulders all this time. When you put them all inside of the bag say this: Here I left all this people, who nourished my soul a long time ago, but now they are no longer in my life. I decide to cut all the relationships I had with them today, and forgive them for all the damage they made. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them all the best. Today I decide to close this cycle forever, and open my heart to all the new positive people and experiences that are coming my way. Close the bag and imagine you are letting it go, just like a balloon, and imagine you no longer see it in the sky. It's gone. Give thanks again, and say: I forgive myself and I free myself from all the things that don't belong to my present. Today I choose to be free from all the negativity that is no longer holding me down.

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❁ 8. Get to know yourself ❁

You never realize how amazing you are until you decide you want to know yourself better. The best way to do this is talking to yourself, trust me once you try this you won't want to talk to anyone else! (That's what happened to me lol). Ask yourself simple questions, the things you most love in the world, you may think you already know the answer, but if you listen to your heart and your soul, the answer may surprise you. If you are feeling blue, ask yourself why are you feeling that way. What can you do to make you feel better? Just like you do with other people suffering, learn to feel empathy for yourself too.

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❁ 9. Don't let your past mistakes define who you are ❁

Honey, we all make mistakes! We are imperfect mortals, it's part of our nature. But how are we supposed to learn and grow if we never make mistakes? It's impossible, that's why mistakes are a fundamental part of our lives. Now, you maybe think that you really messed up this time with whatever incorrect action you made. But that's okay, because we all mess up things every once in a while. You are not the only one. I for example, used to be so ashamed for a mistake I made a long time ago. It cost me a friendship, so I was miserable. People were calling me things, and I was accepting them. I was not able to forgive myself, but I learned that if you are not able to forgive yourself, then nobody will. And now that time has passed, do you think it matters? NO! Because I accepted my mistake and I learned from it, but most important I didn't let it define me.

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❁ 10. Be an active participant in your life ❁

This is your movie, you are the main role and you are the only one in control. Don't settle down for your life, there is a long way to go still. Things will get better, they always do, and wanna know who is gonna make that happen? You ♥ Be an active participant in making your life better, don't let other people and feelings run your life. Do it for you, life is so much more than shitty friends, shitty relationships, and shitty towns, and shitty feelings. And when you smile at life, life starts to smile at you.

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Hope you liked this article! If you are dealing with low self esteem and need someone to talk, feel free to DM me ♥ and remember that you are not suppose to get over this problem all at once, take one step at a time and believe great things are coming your way.

♥ Don't forget to be nice to people, you never know what they are going through.

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