"The flapping of a butterfly's wings can be the beginning of a tornado."

You stay wrapped up in your cocoon, complaining that what comes out will not be a butterfly. "Kill me," you plead. I stare into your dim hopeless eyes. Your labouring gossamer wings are failing, its myriad of stained glass colours fading. I hear the shadowed pulsations of your breath as you pull the trigger back. Snap! The bullet ricochets around the room and like a withered petal you descend. You could have transcended the skies, but instead you plummet downwards. The mirror's reflection is gone, and so am I.

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There are times when you meet a perfect stranger and realise their fate is interwined with yours. It is in times like these we are reminded how truly small this world is, especially with the emergence of social media making this world so increasingly connected. Everything we post and say is capable of creating a rippling effect across others, even without our knowledge of it doing so.

Being so connected globally can be a beautiful thing and bring entire communities together, but this interwined fate is not always of benefit. It can be malicious; twisting and ruining the lives of people. Each and every one of us have a profound effect on the next and yet we are still often ignorant in our words and actions.

Please be careful of what you do and say. In extreme cases, someone may cease to exist because of you. In other cases they may become broken inside, only a shell of what they could become.

Give compliments. Hype people up. Tell your friends, family or inspirations why you love them. Be a positive and uplifting force in their life.

With words as powerful as yours why tear someone down, when you can lift someone else up?

Spread love, not hate, and be the change that you want to see.

Aloki Moon

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's shown so much love to my articles, it means the world to me as someone who aspires to be an author. I'm really sorry I'm not the most consistent with posting things, but thank you to everyone who's left a heart or reaction. It really touches my heart. ♡
The overall message I want to send with this is for all of us to strive to be more mindful of how our actions and words affect others. There's a fine line between being honest or educating someone, and straight up ripping them apart. I'm sure we've all said and done things we regret, so lets move towards happier days together. ♡
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