Music is something which has always calmed me down and has helped me a lot .

So,I'm sharing some of my favorites with you guys.

1. I wanna be yours - The Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, music, and quotes image arctic monkeys, grunge, and alex turner image

2. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

grunge, quotes, and sweater weather image the neighbourhood image

3. Feeling Good - Nina Simone

music, nina simone, and song image Lyrics, nina simone, and quote image

4. Nothing lasts - Bedroom

quotes, anime, and manga image Image by Kara

5. So sad , So sad - Varsity

Image by Kara Image by Kara

I hope that you enjoy the list !!
If you want more , please do me let me know.
Also , if you have any suggestions , please DM me.

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