aphrodite, edit, and mythology image

goddess of love, beauty, sexuality

shoes, heels, and flowers image honey, aesthetic, and spoon image daddy and daddykink image girl, beauty, and hair image solidandstriped, bikini, and summer image art, hands, and flatform image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image girl, wine, and beautiful image makeup, pink, and beauty image pearls, shell, and mermaid image faded, heels, and pearl image aesthetic, pastel, and shell image Image by ℓυηα мι αηgєℓ ♡ peach, pink, and vintage image flowers, photography, and pink image flower, summer, and white image shell, retro, and mermaid image bra, velvet, and bralette image

symbols: rose, scallop shell, myrtle, mirror, pearl, swan, dolphin, dove

cigarette, smoke, and grunge image pink, aesthetic, and mirror image aesthetic, mirror, and grunge image wings, feather, and angel image accessories, architecture, and black and white image art, guy, and london image dolphin, animal, and sea image Image by ange ocean image bird, fly, and dove image Venus and art image eyes, underwater, and beautiful image beautiful, music, and on you image stars, moon, and pink image black and white, blonde, and girl image beauty, dress, and pretty image cute, body, and thin image aesthetic, art, and bambi image