"Confidence is not "they will like me." Confidence is "I'll be fine if they don't.""


Hey Beauties!

Everyone wants a lot in life. It's very normal to desire something. But the thingwe desire the most, is happiness. We try to find our happiness in many things but it mostly comes from oursellves.
I'm still finding my happiness at the moment and I'm Almost there.
So today I want to share the things I already learned in life to find the best of you because finding yourself is a huge part of finding your inner happiness.



One of the many things that help me feeling comfortable and happy is buying new clothes! I instantly get a big smile on my face when I buy or get new clothes. It makes me feel more confident when I wear them for the first time.

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This is all up to you. Some girls feel good in makeup and some prefer being natural. I use only a little bit of makeup. I have a lot of freckles so it's hard to cover them up so I gave up on buying expensive foundation because nothing helps to cover them up. So I only wear natural looking makeup.

TIP: I use the garnier BB cream as "foundation". It's super moisturizing and gives your face a bit of a glow and covers and evens out your skintone.

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I'm not saying you need to unfollow them or hate them and yes you may have someone that inspires you but stop comparing yourself to other people. You're beautiful and unique in your own way.

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You're one of a kind and a beautiful human being. Start realizing that. I accepted that I have freckles and I'm starting to like them. They make me who I am. We're all beautiful people and you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.

TIP: keep a journal with you and write something in it every night before going to sleep.

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I'm not saying you need to cut of all the junk food (I can't get my hands off some fries once a week). Don't feel the need to eat 100% healthier or to become vegan. But you will feel a bit more active and happier when you eat a bit more healthier (example: drink tea instead of coffee or eat 1 piece of fruit extra every day.)

TIP: I love making smoothies. There are a lot of different smoothies you can make. It's delicious and healthy at the same time!

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Try to get a job somewhere to get some experience in life. It not only makes you productive, you will also earn some money to buy new clothes. I recently started saving money for my future own place or my own car.

TIP: Get good grades at school! School is actually really important and very useful even though it doesn't seems to be.

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Travelling is not only to escape reality. It also helps your own inner you. You'll learn so much from travelling and you will feel really happy during and after your journey.

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Friends are also a great help with finding your happiness. Find some small friend group that supports you. Friends are here to help you out.

TIP: choose friends wisely. Some may be fake friends and that isn't healthy for you.

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This is something to boost your confidence. Taking photo's of yourself or the things/people you love creates some sort of confidence because you start to love yourself a bit more by taking selfies.

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Buy you some flowers, go shopping by yourself of even buy a promise ring from you to you. Being your best friend sounds a bit lonely but it isn't! I love being my own best friend, it helps me loving myself even more and we all deserve to love who we are cause in the end you are you and no one may break you down because you're so much more than you think you are!

TIP: I like to just be on my own in the bathroom in front of my mirror while singing my lungs out with Disney songs (Yep, I love Disney)

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I hope this helped you a little bit. I Always try to remember that I'm worth it. Compimenting yourself can be really useful sometimes.
But *thank you so much for reading (and hearting) this article! And I hope we'll meet again in my next one!

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you!

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo

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march 6, 2018