Hello Hearters,

It's the sixteenth day of my challenge and this one it's about making a list of five things to be be grateful and I think that sometimes is important remember them.
So, let's start.

1) Good Health.

Well, actually I have not a very good health. I had many problems and I always have new ones, but sometimes I need to remember that I am still alive and some of these problems are not so big and they could be worst. So, I am grateful because of it, really, I am. Beacuse I need to be more positive (something in which i am the worst) and to give importance to the things that deserve it.

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2) My Family.

My Family is not the worst. Many people are not happy of it, but I like it. We are not very lucky, we have always problems, but sometimes I think that is good, more than other families. I have a good relationship with all. My cousin is like a sister, my brother is awesome and my parents are really really good parents even with their defects. It's the same with my uncles. I am happy to have a family like this. They are not perfect but it could be worst.

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3) I Am Wealthy.

I am not rich, I don't have so many money for doing what I want, but I have no problems and I can buy things I like or doing many good things. I can travel more than two or three times at year, I can go to restaurants more than once in a month, my dad is going to buy me a car. I think there I have to be grateful for this situation. My family work hard for living this life and I thanks them for having all these privileges.

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4) I had good English teachers.

I love English, I think it is my favourite language and as languages student I am glad for my teachers. When I went to school at the hospital I had a great English teacher: I remember she always forgot about italian words, because she thought in English and I always said that I wanted to be like her. When I needed to prepare my test of admission to university I met this english and french teacher, a friend of my father and she is the best, she helped me so much. When I went to univerisity I met so many teachers from different countries and they are all amazing, expecially the last one I met, she is adorable and I feel so connected to her. They all taught me so much and I am grateful for it.

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5) The place in which I live.

I am an international girl, I love all the cities, the culture of the world, but I am glad to live in my town. Lecce is a beautiful city with good traditions, history, food and culture. I always say that this place is far from the big cities but it have so many good things and I am happy to live here.

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That's all, I hope you like it. Remember to be grateful for all the little things of your life.

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See ya soon,

- themermaidwriter.