♥ cooks with you.
♥ wears you a necklace.
♥ buys you pretty clothes and shopping together.
♥ watches you sleeping.
♥ kisses your forehead and makes you laugh non-stop
♥ tells you stories about funny things the boys did.
♥ and new dad jokes he learned.
♥ so many giggles.
♥ face to face.
♥ always gives you hand kisses and flying kisses
♥ morning kisses and gives you breakfast in bed.

jin image
he's cooking for you <3
gif and jin image
he's laughing at his own jokes XD


★ lazily hugs you on his couch in his studio.
★ whispers to your ears.
★ wants you to tell him if you're going anywhere.
★ asks your opinion about his songs.
★ studies every detail on your faces.
★ sleeps before you.
★ holds hands tightly.

suga, bts, and min yoongi image


♥ dances with you although you're suck at it.
♥ smiles when you makes mistakes and says you're cute.
♥ compliment you non-stop.
♥ back hugging you.
♥ wears matches outfit with you.
♥ always find a time when he can hang out with you.
♥ very sincere
♥ he'd talk about his trouble.
♥ and you'd talk about yours.
♥ listens intently to whatever you have to say
♥ and offers advice.

aesthetic, wallpaper, and asian image


☆ write you poems.
☆ calls you baby girl.
☆ thinking about you while writing lyrics.
☆ the type of convos that makes you open your eyes.
☆ likes touching your cheeks and grabbing your thighs.
☆ gives you advice.
☆ nags at you when you're stumbled on something.
☆ naming your future children.
☆ worries about you a lot.
☆ really domestic and cute.

bts, rm, and namjoon image


♡ flirtatious cuddling
♡ blushes when you're wearing something cute or doing cute things to impress him.
♡ his nose touches yours and says how much he loves you before kissing.
♡ passionate and romantic.
♡ asks if your comfortable 200 times.
♡ so many kisses ( cheek,neck, hand )
♡ greasy winks and grins
♡ wraps his hands against yours.
♡ " jimin move your hand it's poking my ass."
♡ " that's not my hand " ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

gif image gif image Image by ☽; el mariachi gif, jimin, and bts image
jimin's being creepy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


★ plays video games together.
★ asks you if his pimple is cute.
★ shows you his mole.
★ protective like telling you to be careful while walking to make sure you're not falling.
★ always asks you if you have already eaten, take a shower or if you're feeling well even if you're not feeling sick, he tells you to rest well.
★ giggly
★ his hands on your waist.
★ plays with your hair.
★ cups your cheeks and kisses you starting from your forehead, down to nose and lips.
★ late night conversation.
★ when morning comes, you will find his arms still wrapped around your waist.
★ " yahh jagii don't move, 10 more minutes. "

gif, v, and taehyung image v, taehyung, and bts image v, taehyung, and bts image gif image


♥ orders you your fav drink and food.
♥ sends you pizza delivery when he's busy.
♥ takes your photo without you knowing
♥ video calls a lot.
♥ always checking up his phone whether you text him or not.
♥ listens to what you're talking carefully.
♥ remembers every small things you've said.
♥ lying on his broad chest while your caged in his big arms.
♥ longing eye contact.
♥ shy cuddles.
♥ he just radiates warmth and safety.
♥ sharing earbuds to show you a new song.
♥ kisses you while touching your cheeks.
♥ teases you a lot.

boy, veins, and grunge image gif and jk image jk image Image by ☽; el mariachi

So, this is my first article on WHI, i really hope you guys will enjoy it :))

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