Here in England I think al of the schools wear uniforms, well most of them.
Anddd obviously that means that I have to wear a uniform.. so I thought i'd tell you guys what mines like ;)


Black Shoes (no trainers)
White Socks or Black Tights
School Skirt (from a local uniform shop)
White Button Up Shirt
Tie (certain one (not going to explain that) from uni shop)
Year 7 & 8 wear a Grey Jumper (optional)
Years 9, 10 & 11 wear a black one
Black School Blazer (from uni shop with school logo on it)

That's it really, also we are only allowed one piercing (one in each ear) and no visable jewellery. Also no makeup etc.. our school sounds so strict lmaooo


Black Shoes (no trainers)
Black Socks
School Trousers
anddd the rest is the same as the girls

Alsooo at we aren't allowed on our phones at all !
My school starts at 8:25am - 3:05pm
At 10:30am we have break
At 12:35pm we have lunch

Not ever school is the same so yeah its just about my school.
Hope you enjoyed !