Aries: Cheetah

gif image
Image by aedsaleh tiger, eye, and animal image

Taurus: Bear

Image by daniella_sanguineti2016 aesthetic, beige, and korean image animals, baby animals, and baby bear image panda, cute, and animal image

Gemini: Dolphin

dolphin, gif, and sea image

Cancer: Rabbit

cute, animal, and bunny image cute and rabbit image

Leo: Dragon

dragon, fashion show, and fashion week image dragon, fantasy, and animal image
dragon, sky, and fantasy image

Virgo: Fox

fox, autumn, and animal image fox image
fox, animal, and mountains image

Libra: Swan

amazing, beautiful, and nature image
Image removed animal, lake, and sunny day image

Scorpio: Phoenix

phoenix, fire, and bird image beautiful, fantasy, and image image

Sagittarius: Wild Cat

animal, cute, and lion image animal, feline, and wild cat image
animal, forest, and beautiful image

Capricorn: Alligator

butterfly, crocodile, and animal image

Aquarius: Lynx

animal, lynx, and cat image
animal, cat, and lynx image animal, cat, and baby image

Pisces: Deer

deer, forest, and nature image bambi, cocoa, and wood image
nature, deer, and animal image