Seriously, I used to hate this phrase. When celebrities first started using it, when people in my high school started yelling it alllll the time, I was not about it.

That was, oh, about five or six years ago. The seventeen year old in me cringes every time I use the phrase now (the twenty three year old me cringes too, believe me), but I appreciate the meaning of the phrase more now that it's NOT used every five seconds: You Only Live Once.

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If you're religious and believe in life after death (I'm Christian myself), then this might seem kind of silly, at first. That was my thought on it. However, we only live on this WORLD once. At least, as far as we know (not ruling out reincarnation...).

Anyways, what I wanted to bring up today is the importance of being spontaneous; being open to doing things on a split decision.

And I'm definitely not talking about making possibly life-changing choices on a whim, like "Hey, I kinda like this guy I've only been seeing for a week, I'm gonna marry him", or, "I'm going to quit my job even though I have lots of bills to pay, and no backup plan". I'm talking about doing small things that some day, you'll look back on your life and think 'I remember that one time..'

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For example: The other night I was majorly craving Starbucks (I've recently become addicted to the pink drink), but I live in a very small town in upstate NY that is lucky to have a grocery store, let alone a coffee shop. The closest Starbucks to me is in Albany, which is about an hour from my little town. It was about 8pm when I decided to go for a drive. Sometimes I do that at night just to relax myself; putting on some music and driving around the back roads, by myself, is very calming. So, I started out just going for a drive. I was debating within myself making the drive to Albany to get my pink drink, and decided that I would go wherever the road took me. Eventually, I just said 'screw it', and made the turn onto the highway to head to the city. I had enough gas in the car, I had already paid all the bills for the week, and I would still have enough money to do what I needed to for the rest of the week. I blasted my music and made the trip. I had to work the next morning at 8am, and didn't get home till midnight, but it was worth it. I'll remember doing that - remember the randomness of it. I also saw some really cool sights on my journey: the college my mom went to, this awesome walkway from the college to the hospital that hung OVER THE ROAD. Like, call me small town, but that to me was the coolest thing ever. And when I woke up the next morning, though I was exhausted, I had some cool memories that I'd made just from saying YOLO and doing something fun.

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Being spontaneous doesn't have to mean spending money, either. If you happen to wake up early one morning (or every morning, if you're an early riser I envy you), and wonder what the sunrise will look like, get outside and go for a walk. Go sit on your balcony with a cup of coffee and wait for the sun. If you live near a rural area, go for a hike in the first morning's rays. You'll get exercise, and you'll get to see something beautiful - and that will be the start to your day. The same thing when the sun is setting; the sky is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and all we have to do is look up to see it.

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Sometimes we tend to take life so seriously that we forget how easy it is to have fun. The joy that this type of spontaneity brings is the excitement of doing something you wouldn't do every day. Or hey, maybe if you enjoy doing it enough, you'll start doing it every day! It's never a bad thing to develop some good habits! And if this leads to you being happier with your life, I'd say it's a win-win.

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