I look in the mirror

i cake on the make up
to try to cover up my face
try to look decent
so i can show my face in public

i squeeze into that too tight dress
to try to look skinny
like the other girls

i grab the WAY too tall heels
because how dare i be
that short
and wear regular shoes

i curl my hair
into perfectly even
perfectly placed curls
because i can't let them see my frizzy hair

i try to act cool
but if the cool girls don't like you
then say good bye to your social life

i look back into the mirror
i see a stranger
i don't recognize her
and I'm done seeing this stranger

i wash off the mask i painted on
i take off the too tight clothes
i take off the too high heels

because i am good enough
just the way i am
i am stronger then their words

i am who i am

i am the one in the mirror