Why? The question leaves me astonished. I take a look at my thoughts and ask my heart: Why?

I close my eyes and take a deep breath:
"Because... - I feel my face blushing and I open my eyes- Because on the way your opinion is the only one that matters to me, and because of the way you look at me when you feel proud of my achievements. Because of that gesture of yours: when you smile slightly, so that only I can see you, that gives me the strenght to keep going. Becuase the day of our concert, when I finished playing, you were the first person to be waiting for me and I was there, running into your arms. That hug, was probably the best I've ever recieved, and because that, every other time we see each other I try to reapeat that hug, but it's never enough for me. On that time, we only knew each other for a week, but we already had a deep connection. And also, because I keep every cute message you send me, so when I feel blue I can always go to those lovely words of yours... Because of my excitement the first day you invited me to a cafe, and because of the same emotion when we went together to the orchestra, and then to eat. Or when I felt my heart beating fast because we were making a bucket list for both of us. Because of my jealousness when I heard you talking about other 'friends' of yours. And because of my instant regretment when I told you that I was again with my ex-boyfriend... Because even if you told me a week ago that when we first met you liked me, I felt something broking in you when I told you about my new "love"... But I'm also grateful because at the time, you were the one who inconciously thaught me that my ex-boyfriend was not the guy that I was in love with, and one week later I cut my bonds with him. What I'm saying is that I hope is not to late, because even if I'm not one of the most important persons for you, you are the only guy in my life since we met."


Guys, I'm gonna be honest with you: This letter to my best friend is totally true, and everything that is in it. One week ago the guy I'm talking about told me when we first met, he kinda fell in love with me (and I with him), but probably I screwed up everything giving my exboyfriend a second chance: Cause I lost my oportunity to be with the guy I like. Now, he probably got over me, but I'm still in love with him. I've been looking for a way of telling him everything I mentioned above, and I've been repeating it to myself every night before I fall asleep... but I'm afraid I'm never going to be able of showing him my feelings. Anyway, I had to write it down, because it's eating me from inside.

With love,