Hi there!
I wanted to write this article because I really like going to the gym, although I've just started going and not many improvements can be seen in my body, but still.
I know a lot of people are really terrified of going to the gym because they're ashamed of what they look like and afraid of what the others would think.
So I made this for all of you who want to go to the gym but don't know whether it's a good idea to go so public.


  • You can do anything you want!

Nobody forces you to run on the treadmill or lift 80kg weights. That's not the point of going to the gym. You go because you want to be healthy and stay fit. You can do anything you want for the desired period of time. If you want to stay 30 minutes, stay 30 minutes; if you want to stay 2h, stay 2h! That simple. You do you.

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  • Everyone minds their own business

For those who are concerned of what others might think of them, find out that people really don't mind you and don't think anything about you. Everyone going to the gym is doing so because of the journey and because they want to track progress. So, go ahead! Go to the gym, workout and don't worry about a thing!

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  • The feelings afterwards

Honestly, the most amazing thing about going to the gym is that you'll feel extremely well and healthy afterwards. Make it like a routine and you'll see not just a physical change, but a mental one, too!

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  • You get to eat whatever you want!

Another great thing about going to the gym is that you can eat whatever you desire knowing that you workout and so it won't get you fatter. Don't overeat, though!

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  • The music!

Honestly, one of the reasons I workout is because of the awesome music they put on. From Kendrick to Post Malone, Cardi B and BTS to Halsey, Wiz Khalifa, and Rae Sremmurd. The playlists are limitless and endless and that's part of what keeps me energized! If your gym doesn't have music playlists (though it's unlikely), get your phone with you and play the best songs, those you love most!

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That's all for today!
Thanks for reading! And remember - you do you and never stop from doing what you love!