Hey guys !
I'm back with the old series and that's as you could see in -My favorite Youtubers part 3.-

Records vlogs,gaming videos,reacting...It's active on its channel.She has the best videos.#Wolf pack forever ! My idol yea 😍❤️🐺

2.Bianca Adam
She so crazy.Her hair is the top ! Her videos can not just be boring 😇

No comment.I love he so much ! 🙌🌎❤️

4.Vlad Munteanu
Records comedy videos and vlogs.It has a lot of interest videos.

And says:"Cheap copy of Leafy, Pyro, Memeulous,Nfkrz, but I'm a bit more retarded and I have imaginary friends too." Ohh yaas.When you understand how many strong and good videos,that is me lol.Okay,he is my idol.#bLaNa BoMbA ❤️

I love this series so I will probably continue with this soon.
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