How to make a cozy room?

What means cozy? Means comfort, relax and personal style. Cozy means different stuff for every one. For someone is a nice bed with warm blankets and others a beautiful but minimalist desk. So, how to make your own cozy bedroom? Follow me...

CCB: cozy cute bedroom.

That kind of bedrooms shows comfort but sweetness.

camera bedroom bed bedroom

FGCR: fancy girly cozy room.

This rooms shows lot of pink or pastel colors. Also a minimal designe but not that straight.

decor bed bed bed

E&MCR: elegant & minimalist cozy room.

This rooms are very elegant and minimalist, that even you can stay so long there for no break nothing!

blogger couch bed bedroom

I&NCR: indie & natural cozy room.

You can see brown, wood and plants everywhere!

bed bed bed decor

Thanks for read sweety & what's your room style?

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