Music has always played a big part in my life, however, every time I say that people always assume I mean in the sense of musical instruments; when really this is in no way what I mean and after years of trying to play various musical instruments I realised it really was not my thing!

I've always found it hard to express my love for music and various artists as I feel like there aren't enough words to describe how amazing one song or artist can make someone feel & how therapeutic listening to your favourite song can be.

I've always felt that we, as humans, connect with music in an indescribable way & the type of music someone listens to says a lot more about them than they could ever tell you - its an odd concept, almost like a stranger being able to describe you as a person more than you ever could yourself.

Musical Mood:

No matter what mood I'm in, music can always change that instantly- sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

Some songs can irritate me from the first second I hear them and make me feel confused as to why anyone could ever enjoy that type of music and other songs that I could easily listen to for hours and never understand how anyone could dislike that type of sound.


I've never really stuck to one genre of music or type of artist. When I was younger I would follow the stereotypical musical trends to fit in, however, when I was around 14 I began to develop my own independent views on what music I actually liked - no longer caring what anyone thought of the music I listened to.

Since then I've gone through many phases of liking different genres from screamo, rock & indie to rap, hip-hop, dance, and grime.

However, now I no longer stick to one specific genre and listen to anything that to me, sounds good.

My current favourite artists:

jorja smith, girl, and pink image Image by söphie❃ selena gomez, selena, and selenagomez image lana del rey image dua lipa, red, and singer image black and white, brits, and stormzy image awards, goals, and icon image hip hop, money, and rap image postmalone image camila cabello, fifth harmony, and 5h image khalid image halsey and g eazy image kehlani image troye sivan, troye, and blond image pink, billie eilish, and aesthetic image the neighbourhood, jesse rutherford, and the nbhd image travis scott image meme, rap, and rapper image Harry Styles image zayn malik and zayn image :), catfish and the bottlemen, and van mccann image the 1975, adam hann, and george daniel image tove lo, girl, and swedish image alternative, ian, and bands image beer, jack johnson, and jack and jack image ariana grande and mac miller image logic image alarm, blonde, and body image

As can be seen from the endless amounts of favorite artists - I listen to a very wide range of music that is constantly changing - Id love to share all my favourite songs with you , however, my current sportify playlist is over 6 hours long - so we could be here for a very long time!

A playlist article will be uploaded soon - keep an eye out!