Hello everyone! I'm doing this time an article about makeup. Enjoy it <3

The basics

  • Always clean your face before applying makeup. Besides the benefits for your skin, it will allow the makeup to last longer
  • Always remove the makeup before going to sleep.
  • Clean your brushes frequently. If you use makeup on a daily basis, you should clean them minimum once every week. Doing that ensures that there won't be excess product remaining as well as bacteria and other craps from your skin.
  • Use products adequate for your skin type. If you have skin problems/sensitive skin make sure you use proper products. Sometimes spending a bit more money on a more expensive product instead of the cheap drugstore ones is more worth for your skin.
  • Remember makeup is about self-expression. There is no right or wrong way to use it and there is more than one-way to do it.
  • As I already said there are so many ways of applying the same product that sometimes you can get confused. But if you want a good result, try to use the proper brushes for each one.
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  • You should start your makeup with primer. The primer will basically help your makeup to last longer and stay in place. As most makeup, it exists in cream, gel and powder. The good thing is that there are primers with colour correcting formulas, which is like 2-in-one because they will help to uniform your skin colour. (I use the green cream primer from NYX and it works like magic)
  • Primers can be applied with a primer brush, but I actually use my fingertips (for cream) and it works really good.

Colour concealer

  • Colour concealers will make your skin look uniform and hide colours that are different, such as red pimples, or dark spots. They should be applied before foundation. They exist in powder and cream.
  • Remember to always use a brush and never apply directly to the area, principally the green one, because that may contaminate the product with bacterias from your skin.
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  • Foundation is the next step. Always use a tone appropriate for your skin tone. To find the right foundation tone, you should try to find your undertone. You can find how to do it here:


  • There are lots of ways to apply foundation. You can do it with a normal brush, flat brush, beauty blender or even with your fingertips. You always should apply it from center to your face to the "outside".


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.There are two ways of doing this: with a blender or your fingertips.

Contouring and highlighter

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  • Countour and hightghter are used to "play" with shadow/light to help you hide/accentuating certain areas of your face.


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  • How to apply Eyeliner

eyeliner exists in a lot of ways. I prefer the pen since is easier to use. Its great for beginners because it gives you more control.


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  • For eyebrows you have pencil, gel and powder.
  • Use pencil if you just want to fill a bit more/correct your eyebrow
  • Use powder to draw eyebrows from scratch
  • Use gel to keep them in place



Setting powder/spray

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To finish your look, you should apply setting powder or spray. They will help your makeup last. See the differences here:


That was all, I hope you liked and hope I did not miss anything :D