Hey guys!

It's Brianna here, so in this article I'll be writing about someone I really dislike and never wan't to talk to anymore in my whole entire life.

She basically used me as a friend, she didn't actually wan't to be my friend.
She used me to be famous and stuff, she is so pathetic, if you were in my place you'd probably rage and dislike her a lot, so she basically added me as a friend because she heard I was really famous, when I first told her I wasn't famous at all, and then she didn't accept my friend request, when I told her I have fans, she added me, before I told her I was famous she said her account is for real life friends only, when time was passing I joined her in a game, I told her I had fans then she added me, time was passing by, she added a lot of famous people, she also begs for them to be her friend and make videos and collabs, so I unfriended her and she asked why, I told her because she was using me the whole time, she is the worst person in my entire life to be honest.