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R I S E & S H I N E - I T S - B R E A K F A S T - T I M E
We allll need breakfast

Most of us know that. . .

breakfast is the most important meal of the day

But. . .

- Do you really enjoy your breakfast each day?
- Do you look forward to your breakfast?
- Do you savour your breakfast?

Well if you answered no to any of the above questions / or if you just simply love food, this article is for you ❤🌸

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This is a list of my favorite breakfasts that are delicious, nutritious And will satisfy your hunger without leaving you feeling too full to get up and make something of this beautiful blessed day!
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H e r e - w e - g o o o
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▫ 1. Pancakes

Pancakes are always a good idea! And yes, you can start your day off with them too without feeling bad about your decision !

it's all about ingredients. .
If you follow a balanced diet, pancakes are not "unhealthy". They contain flour, milk, eggs and a little bit of oil.
Try finding healthier substitutes for ingredients. Example - Try substituting the flour for rolled oats ❤
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▫ 2. Rice cakes

In my opinion, rice cakes are the bomb.

It feels so good to consume something with delicious toppings, while knowing you won't feel over indulged after.
Eat your rice cakes slowly, chew slowly and they will leave you satisfied. 3 - 4 max should do the trick 🙂
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▫ 3. Bran Cereal

I love a bowl of bran in the morning! As it gives me energy, is packed with fiber, is really healthy and helps loosen stools.

When your tummy is causing you to feel not so good have a bowl of all bran Cereal to soothe your situation instead of aggravating it with carbohydrates!
This is not the cheapest cereal, but it is fairly priced in my opinion I guess, considering it's benefits. Be careful of cheaper alternatives that may taste the same (or better) but may lack the same nutritional value!
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Try adding toppings to your Bran cereal to enhance the taste! Add: fresh fruits like strawberries or banana to your Bran and milk, or dried fruit pieces, nuts, or a little muesli. As long as the dish stays nutritious

▫ 4. Oats

Oats is extremely healthy and is also very very inexpensive .

Its not often nowadays, that you can buy something healthy without spending more money than you want to or can afford to which is why oats is great
If cooking your oats is too much effort, you can opt for instant oats - I had some this morning :)
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Change it up sometimes :) Add: fresh fruits like strawberries or banana to your Bran and milk, or dried fruit pieces, nuts, or a little muslie. Asus long as the dish stays nutritious

▫ 5. Muesli

I absolutely love having muesli for breakfast.

Muesli offers for so much versatility. & I really love the fact that it tastes great with yoghart or milk

I love adding honey to my muesli if i have it with cold milk, i highly recommend you try this :) Instead of having sugar

Be sure to add nuts (almonds, macadamia ect) and dried fruit pieces to add extra flavour. But, Muesli still tastes great without any added ingredients :)
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▫ 6. Fruit Salad

There's nothing like a fresh fruit salad fulled with fresh juicy fruits and bursts of flavour (yuuummmm)

Try having some fruit salad for breakfast in the summer or on a day that you plan to be active (running a race or a Forrest hike with friends)
Why? Because fruit salad will leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed and light - enabling you to feel ready for your day's adventures
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▫ 7. Waffles

Just like pancakes, waffles are a great option for breakfast.

even though the ingredients are sometimes the same, or have slight differences, because the waffle is thicker usually, it fills you quicker than pancakes
Therefore, this is also something to have in moderation, but definitely not something to cut out of your diet :) :)

as i said above, "If you follow a balanced diet, pancakes are not "unhealthy". They contain flour, milk, eggs and a little bit of oil."

From time to time - Guuuuuurl, you eat that waffle, have it with fruit. . and ice cream as well,

L i f e - i s - t o o - s h o r t - t o - n o t - h a v e - w a f f l e s

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▫ 8. power smoothie

In my previous article,
.. '12 'must try' wonderful drinks (to suit any occasion)' .
I mentioned:

"Smoothies are a must must must on hot summer days or if you are simply wishing for something healthy to quench your thirst."

"Smoothies are Delicious and nutritious - try avoiding smoothies with flavourants, additives and artificial colouring and sugars that may strip the beverage of its health benefits"


Smoothies are also really great for breakfast because they are energy stored. Many people add protein powder to their smoothies for extra nutritional advantages

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▫ 9. Toast

Sometimes, like on weekends for example, I love starting my day with some toast - But only when AVOCADO (yum) is available.

AVO + Brown bread toast + salt + pepper = PURE BLISS

Try healthy alternatives for bread such as:
- Brown Bread
- Oats and honey bread
- Low GI bread

Remember: Everything in moderation - Have toast (bread) now and then, so that you don't have to feel bad about eating it/ so that weight watching isn't necessary.

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▫ 10. English Breakfast

w e e k e n d - s p e c i a l

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