Today's question:

What are your five greatest accomplishments?

1. I graduated high school. I am proud of myself for passing high school and the evau exams (final exams where you have to study everything for one last exam).

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2. Being a postive person. Being positive the whole time brings great things into your life, so always remember to wait to see the rainbow appear when it stops raining.

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3. Being self-confident. I have learnt that what you think about yourself is what really matters, never let other people make you think otherwise because if you love yourself other people will accept you and love you as much as you do.

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4. I finally started working on my own things. I have always had ideas of what I wanted to do but never did anything, till now. Now I am working hard in one of my projects, and I wish it will soon see the light. This means, I am one step closer to achieve one my dreams/goals.

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5. Ariana Grande followed me on Twitter. My favorite artist followed me a few years ago, I am really happy that at least I am a little bit closer to her.

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I hope you enjoyed my article!-Alison G.