Hello you beautiful people! I was thinking about writing this article for the longest time and I'm finally here to do just that!
It's safe to say that happiness can be hard to achieve, considering the massive amount of products and means that exist and are supposedly the best ways to be happy! There's a debate on whether money brings happiness or not, however, I'm here to present to you some things that require no money at all in order to be acquired! What I'm referring to are simple things that everyone encounter on a daily basis but are left unnoticed! Here are some:

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Sunlight streaming through the curtains sounds pretty simple but take some time to admire the faint and light rays in the morning or in the evening and the striking rays in the afternoon! Look through the window and let the sunlight bathe your skin and hair. One thing I used to do when I was a child, was to spot the sunniest area in the house and sit in the midst of the sunlight!

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Whether you are outside or inside your house, the gentle wind will always make you feel better. The light breeze the warm summer breeze or even the cold autumn and winter wind, striking your skin, playing with your hair. It will always calm you down.

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Birds chirping warms my little heart! You can set up a bird feeder in your garden or in your room's window and wait for the birds to come! Hearing them instantly lift up your spirit and seeing them flying and landing on the edge of the window is just wonderful.

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Imagine you get home from school or work and you are met with the sweet aroma of homemade cookies and freshly brewed tea/coffee! If you had a bad day, nothing can compete with some homemade snacks. During the winter season, a hot cup of cinnamon tea with some gingerbread cookies are ideal. As for summer, a fresh salad, fresh fruits and some freshly made juice are perfect!

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On the same note, eating with your fingers is so much better in my opinion. In our culture, it's something everyone does and I can see why. It's just, the food tastes better when you eat it with your fingers and it makes me feel like a child again :D Obviously, you can't eat every single dish with your fingers (I'm looking at you soup!) but believe me it's nice to do that ;)

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Alright, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, I had so much fun writing it and I might do a part two because I still have so many things to talk about. I hope you're enjoying the month of March and I'll see you soon :) Take care!