Hello Ladies and Gents,
I love all the "My name in ..." articles, but my name is boring so I thought I just do it with my friends nickname cos I love her name and it's short, so this isn't a crazy long article. Her nickname is Kat. And I also thought it's cool to do it with books instead of colors. :)

K - Kill Order

- The Maze Runner, James Dashner

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The 4th book of the tmr series. What can I say? The Maze Runner books are my favorite books in general, I love them so so much. <3 The first one, The Maze Runner, is actually my favorite one out of the whole series, it's just so good! Seriously, the best book I've ever read and that means something cos the asoiaf books used to be my favs forever. But some day I read tmr and it's my love ever since then. The movies I love too, and the first one I like the best, but I actually prefer the books. :) Minho is my Queen in the books, he's my spirit animal and Newt is my fav in the movies. <3

A - A Song Of Ice And Fire

- George R. R. Martin

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I love Game of Thrones so much, but I highly recommend to check the books if you love got like hardcore. Cos the books, holy Lord, there is SO MUCH MORE crazy sht happening. :) For example: most hated person Lord Ramsay Bolton - People hate him on the Tv Show, but Tv Ramsay is actually a very nice guy. He is nothing compared to book Ramsay. And that's with all characters. Btw., my favorite characters are Tyrion, Ramsay and Arya, they are the most interesting and entertaining for me. :)

T - The Hunger Games

- Suzanne Collins

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Again, I love both, the books and the movies. Well, I actually gotta say that this is one of the few times I prefer the movies a bit more, even tho I hated the last one. But I love the first and second movie. Also I have a crush on Josh Hutcherson as Peeta for some reason and a crazy girl crush on J.Law., she is such a Queen.
So, I know this was pretty random, but I hope you kinda enjoyed this. And you should try this too, it's really fun. :) There obviously are more books I love, like The Lord Of The Rings, The Silmarillion or Harry Potter, but again ,this would just be way too long. :D
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I hope you all have a nice day/night and I wish you all the love, luck, success and happiness you, your family and friends deserve. Bye. <3
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