My latest obsessions in the music department have been sad, deep, easy going, and just plain beautiful (to me at least). So I just thought I would share with you guys some of my favorites.

First things first...

Vance Joy

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Nation of Two

Vance Joy's newest album is fantastic. If you haven't already listened to it go listen to it right now, and if you have listened to it, go listen to it again.

My favorite song on the album is Saturday Sun --

Oh Saturday Sun
I met someone,
don't care what it costs,
no ray of sunlight's ever lost

The song itself is upbeat, easy on the ears, and light on the heart. it's about hope for love, and to not give up on things you care about.


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Eden is not a well-known artist from my understanding. His voice is literally heaven on earth, his range is crazy and honestly, I never get tired of listening to him. His newest album vertigo is poetic as frick.

My personal favorite song on the album is take care.

And if I could forget you, you know I would leave. I can't help myself from feeling all this is wasted on me. And I love the rain, but I can't live in a storm. I've got vertigo, still learning to grow.

The song is deep and poetic and goes straight for the heartstrings, but if I'm being honest all of his songs do that to me. Eden sings about trying to get over someone but being unable to do so. It's about being hurt and not being able to get back on steady ground.

Henry Jamison

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The Wilds

Henry Jamison I know isn't well known. He writes his songs like stories. Beautiful, stories with deep meanings and hints of love and heartbreak.

My favorite song on his album is probably The Jacket.

All day I did not know if we'd break up or I'd propose We walked out into the April glow. Come to me now oh muse, tell me something I can't confuse. Sing me something I'll never lose in knowing

The way he wrote the song makes it seem that he was the jacket, which sounds like a crazy idea, but he makes it sound like its the most loving thing. Instead of sounding creepy, it sounds romantic.

Joshua Radin

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Wax Wings

This one's a bit of an older album but its still just as good as when it came out in 2013

My favorite song on the album is definitely Beautiful Day

Gonna drive my car to the sea. Swin out far cause I believe. That waves will wash the gray away. I'm making a beautiful day.

This song is so creative it gives me the feeling of flying with the warmth of the sun to keep me company. The overwhelming feeling of starting over heavy on my heart.

And last but not least...

John Mayer

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The Search for Everything

This album is phenomenal in every way. John Mayer has always been one of my favorite artists and will probably continue to be for a very long time. Every time I think he can't make an album better than the last one he proves me wrong. Every. Time.

It hard for me to pick just one song on the album because every song is just so good but I will. My "favorite" song on this album is Moving On and Getting Over

Tell me I can have the fact you loved me to hold onto. Tell me I can keep the door cracked open, to let a light through. For all my running I can't understand, I'm one text away from being back again.

The song starts out as sort of a breakup song. He writes about how he's moving on and getting over someone, even though he can't get her out of his mind. He writes about how hard it is to move on from someone you really care about. And how you like to sometimes believe that you're over someone even though you'd go back the second they ask you.

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That's all I have for you guys. Thanks for reading and being rad followers!

Love you guys!