We all have dreams and goals we want to make them happen one day, one day..
And we keep saying those: someday I'll going to do this, someday I'll going to be that.. without doing anything to make those ideas become true.

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So STOP IT wake up, get up and start to put together all the pieces for the big puzzle of that 'one day'.
Other wise that "day" that "life" it will not start to being closer, it will just getting far and far away.

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Who doesn't risk doesn't win.

YES things probably wont be easy at first, YES you'll will fail sometimes.. but when it starts to not be that much difficult anymore and you learn how to do it right; after all that "f*cking effort"; I can promise to you, the nothing will feel better. Because you'll do it. By YOURSELF.

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Go on and start with that job, sport, idea, project, body, studies, work of your dreams.

Take your time, (that doesn't mean 'be lazy' it means 'don't over stress'), work hard, don't give up(ever), be patient and..

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Trust yourself.

Note: Hey guys, for now on i'll start to write articles like this one(different themes, of course) everyday, like a blog. I hope you'll enjoy it and y'all welcome to show me your reactions and/or write me messages(I always answer). Also sorry if there is any grammar mistake, english it's not my born language. Well I'll see you soon and lots of love. -Z


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