I laid down,
My eyes fluttered closed,
My lips graced with a smile,
My breathing slowed down
My body lulled into a sleep full of dreams

I saw you,
Your perfect hair,
Your mesmerising eyes,
Your arms stretched out wide for me
Your happiness glowed like the moon

I smiled,
Happy to see you
Happy to know you know I exist
Happy to see the love for me in your eyes
Happy to finally get my happily ever after

I touched you,
You disappeared
You flashed back
You had a menacing smirk
You grabbed me tightly

I awoke,
From the terrible nightmare
From the reality hitting me
From the heartbreaking truth
From the nightmare that is true.

The nightmare left a permanent scar on my heart.

✰ ________________________✰

Article Song

Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares - XXXTentacion

Some nightmares don't end when we open our eyes.

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