Movies are great art that if
we cannot appreciate great
trash, we have very little
reason to be interested
in them

Yeah.... I'm so way behind, I planned to post this on Saturday, but I forgot. Sorry sorry >.< Envy that @shawniethepotato can post an article every day. Yes, I procrastinate with my life and this challenge


My Top 5 Favorite Movie


black panther, comics, and funny image gif image chadwick boseman image artwork, black, and cover image
I've watched this movie at least 3x, this movie is great. Mainly I love Shuri


gif image anime, art, and SAO image nautilus, yuna, and sword art online image art, online, and scale image
Amazing SAO Movie


benedict cumberbatch, movie, and doctor strange image doctor strange, rachel mcadams, and benedict cumberbatch image Marvel, space, and subtitles image doctor strange image
Imma nerd for the Marvle. Such a good movie that I found on Netflix


bully, film, and movie image movie, quote, and netflix image bully, film, and movie image before, bully, and film image
Depressing, sad, bullying movie


girl image girl image rowan atkinson, johnny english, and johnny english reborn image art, beautiful, and black image
My dad and my favorite movie. Good comedy to watch


Thanks for reading and most of these are found on Netflix. I really like Marvel movies. I didn't want to add more than one anime movies bc my love is full of anime anyway. Gotta list my other non-anime movies LOL

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