I decided this would be a fun challenge to do as soon as I saw it so I thought I'd give it a go :)

Credit to whoever it was who started this challenge, I think it's really cool.

I tried to use colours that are shades of other colour groups.

MAROON - Shade of red

abstract photography, burgundy, and maroon image Mature image

AMBER - Shade of orange

eyelashes, glitter, and dark eyeshadow image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image

DAHLIA - Shade of Violet

purple, lipstick, and aesthetic image alternative, colour, and crystal image

INDIGO - Shade of Blue

blue image city, white, and interior image

SCARLETT - Shade of Red

aesthetic, disc, and red image after party, fashion, and girl image

OLIVE - Shade of Green

color, colours, and green image fall, fashionable, and jacket image

NICKEL - Shade of Grey

aesthetic, colour, and grey image art, drawing, and black and white image

Thanks for reading. :) Check out my other articles if you're interested and my color collections :)