Hello again, today I will tell you some of the places that more I'd like to meet in the world. I hope you enjoy it!


beautiful, Greece, and holidays image antiquity, archeology, and Athens image
i love the history of this place, and is very beautiful


travel, city, and sunset image hollywood image art, beach, and beautiful image tumblr, dark, and grunge image
This is one of the places that I want to know, seems to me so beautiful.... is my paradise


rome, italy, and fountain image clouds, colloseum, and italy image
this place is so elegant, charming, sculputural...


Maldives, praia, and maldivas image summer, sea, and ocean image
there is no other word except "precious" to describe this place


city and travel image fall, mountain, and noruega image
is a beautiful landscape


paris, travel, and france image aesthetic, city, and indie image paris, travel, and france image paris, travel, and france image
the city of love


germany and hamburg image architecture and art image
i love architecture


city, travel, and architecture image amsterdam, architecture, and belgium image
truly beautiful


Image removed singapore image
This place is very beautiful

-New York:

city, light, and travel image city image
is too beautiful