What is this about? It is about being clever and charming. No need to be silly or make fun of someone or something. “It’s about seeing the humor in a situation and then pointing it out in an intelligent way”.

So… why is it important? It is simply amazing, a catalyzer for success be it professional or personal. Witty people are intelligent people. The thing is, wit is about spontaneity and a guide is not very spontaneous, but one has got to start somewhere right?

Let’s move on to the basics:

Be confident I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. But you know, fake it till you make it. To be witty, it is important to speak clearly and to have an “I don’t give a shit” mindset. Because let’s be honest, people don’t really care what you do most of the time. So don’t overthink and relax, cause who cares right?
Be in a good mood
If you’re not in the right emotional state, it's likely that nothing clever will come up.
Be attentive, listening actively to people so you can reply (a witty remark).

Watch and learn

Netflix, books, or real people.

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The first thing I think of “Suits” and “Gilmore Girls”

Think outside the box.

There’s humor in the unexpected.

So be creative and practice

  • Use wordplay. People may not crack up to the point they can’t breathe, but most people really appreciate a good word combo to lighten up the mood.
  • See the humor in everyday stuff. See the obvious, this can be hard because we usually complicate things. Sometimes stating the obvious can be witty if you say it right.
  • Out of context analysis. Decontextualizing everyday things
  • Play with absurdity. Make connections to seemingly unconnected concepts
  • Randomness and comparison: comparing something familiar to something ridiculous
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this is in spanish but it was so funny to me. Translation: Comment 1: I can't stop listening to this. Comment 2: You have to press the pause buttom. LOL
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No filter

Meaning: stop thinking so much. Your thoughts could be witty and funny and no one will ever know. Say what comes to your mind, unless it’s something judgmental and rude. Then don’t say it.

Knowledge is power

As I said, witty people are intelligent people. So know your shit. Learn stuff about:

  • Popular culture (songs, movies, books)
  • Local and global news
  • Popular quotes can come in handy

Quotes & Puns

Throw a related quote in a conversation, and boom! You just became way cooler (just saying). Don’t overuse these tough.
I seriously love puns.

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I died at the last part for some reason
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I'll stop with the puns now


  • Be quick and keep it snappy, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” - William Shakespeare.
  • Banter with people you are comfortable with, you will see it is easier to be witty.
  • Building on other people’s jokes, will improve your relationship.
  • Be specific when cracking up a joke (it also works when making compliments to people)
  • Don’t forget to do mental mic-drops
  • Absorb your wit. Read witty people. This way you will build it naturally
  • Read satire
  • Watch stand-up comedy shows
  • Writing can make your thinking process cleaner
  • Book that might interest you: Elements of wit: Mastering the Art of Being Interesting by Benjamin Errett