day four: write a poem about who you are as a person

i forgive but never forget
i talk about issues in the world
people say i "take things to seriously"
people say "i don't joke around"
if anything i don't act like i have a life, you don't even know
i try not to be angry
even when people lie, cheat, steal
my well being in bunches
making me want to give up
but i keep going
for my friends, family,
i'm always there
for myself?
i'm always there

day five: write about someone who inspires me

my dad
my dad has always been there for me. he speaks out about the wrong doings in life and i feel like ever sense i was born i had a sort of connection to him. its weird- i love my mom and she's always been there for me 2 but with my dad its just like i love him way much more than i can explain. part of it is because he's mixed 2, and we relate on a different level about certain things. the reason he inspires me is because he's always pushing me. for example when recently a guy i liked played me (lied and said he liked me back when he really has a girlfriend) he told me that i'm not gonna not go to school because of a boy, he also gave me a long hug. he knows the right times to push me to do my best and when to comfort me. yes sometimes he can be sarcastic and its annoying (i wonder where i get that trait from...), but i love him with all my heart <3