so these r just some products that i either recommend or ones that i have tried out..... anyway please follow me i have some really good collections and i think you would like them if u love any tips, aesthetic things, makeup inspiration and more. my most popular collection is my tips one so go check it out!!!!!


. (BY THE WAY SOME OF THESE R FROM ONLINE STORES ONLY!!!! AND SOME R JUST IN SEPHORA AND/ OR ULTA!!!!!!!! w/ that being said here is the products...

1. FENTY beauty - Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear foundation
why? This product is very light weight and build able.... it comes in sooooo many shades that i'm sure 99.9 % of the worlds population can find the right shade for them so this is a go.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eye shadow palette
why? HAVE YOU SEEEENNNN THIS PALETTE?!?!?! IF YOU HAVE NOTTTTT GO TO WWW.SEPHORA.COM BC ITS BEAUTIFUL...... also the swatches AND the application are REEEAAALLLYYYY good! So if ya have the money go pic this up at ur local SEPHORA

3. The Jacklyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette, Morphe 35B Color Burst Eyeshadow Palette. ( I put these 2 together bc they r spotlight babes and they r probably the MOST RAVED ABOUT PALETTES that morphe has ever made so)
why? They r very unique and have a creamy and/ or velvety texture. they r also SUPER pigmented and you can make infanitly many looks w them.

4. Tarte shape tape concealer
why? why not? it has really nice coverage and there r 14 ( i believe shades... sry if im wrong)

5.Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
why? Go look up LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER on YOUTUBE and come back and tell me your thoughts))))))))

6. Lime Crime Venus 1 Palette

7. Benefit - Goof Proof Eyebrow pencil
why? Now this product OBVIOUSLY goof proof. u cannot jack up!!! unless you dont know have to stay in the a straight line. jk. but this comes in about 5 shades if i can remember right.

So thats it i hope that this could help u put together a good idea on wats up in the beauty world so ya byyyyyyeeeeee.