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I started an art journal a month ago and i became obssesed with it. It consist in make "art" in the way you most like (Collage, paint, draw or whatever you want) on a notebook or journal. It is a really funny and original idea if you want to improve your creativity and express yourself.

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I'll give to you some ideas for your journal!

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Space & Universe

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You can paint or draw a galaxy, constellations, planets, stars, astronauts, spaceships, etc. I think space has beautiful colors.


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Personally one of my favorite ideas. I love making collage with pictures from Vogue or another fashion magazines. Even you can make lookbooks or design your own clothes through pictures.

Books & Movies

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There are infinite possibilities for this idea, just pick up your favorite book or movie and get inspired.


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Keep it simple.


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You can get inspiration from a song or an artist that you like. Listen your favorite song and draw or paint what it transmits you.


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Nature is art and art is everywhere.

More inspiration

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Now be creative! I hope it has inspired you

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