hola so recently i've been following a skin care routine every night and i'm very proud of myself? so i decided to share it here because why not :)
most of these things are to help with acne, and give you smoother skin.

so, let's start with what i do on the nights i take a shower. i shower ever 2-3 days which isn't that bad. i don't really do anything for my skin whilst im in the shower, like using a body scrubs or anything. but before i shower i wash my face with a soap from Nuetrogena. the name of the product is "nuetrogena facial cleansing bar for acne-prone skin"

what you do is get some of the soap's product on your hands, and rub it into your skin. you can either wash it off then, or wash it off in the shower which is what i usually do. you can also get a brush to rub it in to your skin better.

the only difference between my skin care routine on the days i shower, verses the ones i don't is that i use the acne bar. so, both routines are extremely similar. once i get out of the shower, i put on another facial cream called cold cream. a lot of stores sell this, and it isn't that expensive. it helps with acne and wrinkles.

you apply it to your face with a brush or your hands, and rub it in. after i do that, i put on some lotion. my favorite one at the moment is one from bath and body works, called warm vanilla sugar. of course though any lotion will work.

then i just put some hand sanitizer on and that's it!

about once a week i use a pore strip, and every two weeks i do a facemask. i wouldn't recommend using facemasks or porestrips every day, because it's bad for your skin! wait at least a week between.